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Gluten-Free Travel Tips

Our Friends at Living Without magazine sent over some simple travel tips for those who are living gluten-free or with other food allergies.


These suggestions will help make your visit safer and more fun.

Look for Gluten-Free

Choose restaurants with gluten-free menus. If an eatery happily accommodates gluten-free customers, chances are the staff and chef are educated about other dietary needs.

Be Clear

Each restaurant handles food prep differently. Inquire every time about ingredients used and cross-contamination. Emphasize that you have celiac disease or a food allergy, so that staff takes your questions and concerns seriously.

Call to Confirm

Some tourist attractions aren’t set up for those with special dietary needs. They might offer things like fruit, chips, popcorn—but not a safe meal. Packing snacks and lunches are your best bet at some spots. Call before you go.

Know the Rules

Most major attractions do not permit attendees to carry large coolers or glass bottles into their facilities. Keep this in mind when packing food for you and your group.

Use Technology

Your smartphone and the Internet will enhance your travel experience. Download apps on your mobile device to find restaurants with high ratings from diners who have food allergies and sensitivities. Log onto restaurant websites for menus. Use to make reservations and alert staff to your dietary needs.

Pack Provisions

Don’t risk getting stuck somewhere without food. (Think: airport delays.) Carry nutritious bars and healthy snacks to tide you over.